The Costume Shop Online

This is the Costume Shop you've been looking for. Do you need to make or put together a costume for a theater production? On this page you'll find a great selection of books selected from personal experience with making costumes.

If you're making one costume or fifty, you'll find ideas, tricks, tips and shortcuts on how to do the best job possible. If you check out Pages 2 and 3 of the shop, you'll find accessories to compliment many of the costumes. These include; gloves, bowties, tuxedo shirts, boas, hats, canes and more. If you don't see what you need immediately, follow any one of the links into the store and search for the exact item that you need.

There are many, many items available to use in your costume making and in your accessories and props that can be found over the internet. The thrill is in the making of the costume and the hunt to find unique items to compliment what you've made.

Use the scroll bar above to scroll to the right; search for other products; or see product reviews. You can also click on the "Books" and then "DVD" categories if interested in them.

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