The Stage Makeup Store

Welcome to the Stage Makeup Store. You've come here to treat your favorite performer, which may include yourself, to a wonderfully practical gift.
What makes a good stage makeup gift? You can begin with good quality makeup such as Ben Nye, a company which was founded in the 1960's by a Hollywood makeup artist. Nye, was the makeup artist for many famous films including; Gone With The Wind and The King And I. Other great items include:

  • Makeup Books & Illustrations
  • Makeup Carrying Cases
  • Makeup Removers
  • Spirit Gum
  • Sealers
  • Tattoo Cover-up
  • Stage Blood
Don't forget to check out the tools of the trade which include the sponge applicators as well as a never ending variety of makeup brushes. You can even find DVD's which show specific techniques.

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