Recommended Acting Books

...I found some great explanations on how to rehearse for my school play scenes in these acting books that I purchased...thanks for your suggestions...

Here are a few suggestion for books that my be helpful to you. Of course, there is no substitute for the practical experience of actually getting out there on the stage, but you can find worthwhile information on all aspects of show business in books. So why not read about the audition process; the different schools of acting; how to find the best monologue; how to get an agent; how to parent a child actor; or even the business of acting. All actors must have knowledge of these things.

Before you know it, you'll have knowledge of the things you need to explore. You can come to know your personal strengths and weaknesses within the showbiz industry by reading. So get started right aw

Musical Theater College Major
How To Construct a Theater Resume - Without Experience
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