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#10 Pieces of Headshot Advice That Will Help You Take Professional Photos

  • First important rule of headshot advice...Find a photographer who has experience taking kids musical theater headshots. Do you have a friend in the business who's headshot you like? Get some headshot advice from that friend or ask an acting professional you know.
  • Not sure how to prepare? Ask the photographer for advice in advance of the shooting. You'll be paying this person to take a picture of you that will become your "business card", so don't hesitate to ask questions about the headshot session.
  • Do you act and feel differently when you are well rested? The night before the session be sure to get a good night's sleep. Gather everything together so you don't have to think about it the day of the session.
  • Have you asked what to bring and wear to the photo session? You should ask your photographer for this headshot advice. In general, you might want to consider colors that compliment you, nothing too bold or flashy...mid range solid colors work best...and clothes that are comfortable.
  • Ask the photographer about jewelry and make-up. Jewelry is usually minimal for kids and adults. Make-up for kids is not usually recommended. It does depend upon your age, however, so if you are a teenager check with the photographer.
  • It's a good idea to discuss your hairstyle ahead of time, too. From my own experience, most photographers advise kids to go very natural with their style. You don't want anything to take away from your looking natural, unless you are taking character shots...another thing all together.
  • Follow the photographer's instructions during the headshot session. Try to be relaxed. If you are having trouble relaxing try to concentrate on something peaceful like the ocean or a lake or the forrest. Some people like thinking about a friend or their pet. The eyes are the window to the soul, so let your inner self shine through.
  • Are you worried about having to smile? Don't be afraid to show your natural self. If you have braces, smile anyway. You don't want to look cheesy, you want to be yourself.
  • Will you be asked to choose a background for your picture? The main thing to remember is to choose nothing that will take the focus away from you. A good photographer will know how to advise you on this.
  • Who will choose the picture from your proofsheet or CD? Of course, you should have the final say, but, it is always a good idea to seek and follow the headshot advice of professionals. Please keep in mind that your headshot should be a very good likeness of how you look right other words, it should look like you, not how you think you should look. If you intend to send these headshots to agents, managers and casting directors, they will be put off if the person who they see in the picture does not show up in person.

Headshot Teen Male

A Helpful Headshot Hint ...Actor Beware!

This actually happened to my son, many years ago and I thought it was worth a quick mention.

He had already worked in an Equity show when he asked me to help him find an agent. He had taken a headshot which his acting teacher had said was a very good likeness of him. We took this headshot and went to see a local agent. She interviewed me and my son, said she was interested in signing him and then proceeded to tell us he needed to get a new headshot. She wanted us to pay a photographer she recommended. Additionally, she wanted us to pay to list him in a book she published for agents.

My son was quite young at the time so I spoke for him and let her know that under no circumstances were we going to pay for new headshots as the one we had presented was fairly new. I, also, refused to pay to have him listed in her book. She backed down immediately. We eventually did sign with her, and my son did find some nice work through her, but he got the work as a result of his talent not because he was listed in her book. So I say from experience, kids and parents, be careful of those that might be more interested in their own welfare and not yours.

Please Note: Minors can not legally enter into a contract. If a contract is to be signed for a photographer, agent, etc. a minor's parent or legal guardian must sign it.

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