Kids Costumes Are Easy To Make When You Are Cast In A Show

Musical Theater Kids Costumes are such fun to put together. You just have to know where to start.

Theatre Costumes

So you've gotten a part in a local show and when you attend the first organizational meeting the Costume Coordinator explains to you that you have to provide all or part of your costume.

Don't panic... putting together a Musical Theater Kids Costume is not difficult and it doesn't have to cost a great deal of money.

With little or no money, some time spent, and a lot of imagination, you can put together a great costume and be very pleased with the result.

Follow these simple steps:

1) Review the guidelines you've been given and, if necessary, ask the Costume Coordinator to clarify, e.g. a white shirt can be short sleeve, long sleeve, plain, fancy, fitted, ruffled, collar, no get the picture.

2) Read the script in order to understand the time period(s) in which the action takes place and adapt your theater costume accordingly.

3) Now use your imagination! Check your closets and drawers for any items that might work.

4) Ask your friends to check their closets and drawers for items that you can keep, not borrow. Many times, things are altered or get damaged accidentally.

5) If you can't find a theater costume by way of the last two steps, then you may start searching for used items at Tag Sales, Thrift Shops, and Online Auctions.

6) You can also check the Clearance Section of Department Stores, a good idea before paying full price for a new item. It's amazing what you can find on clearance!

7) Browse the Internet for Costume Distributors, Shoe Distributors, and Online Auctions, selling new items.

8) Accessories for theater costumes may also be purchased as mentioned above.

9) When in doubt, check with your Costume Coordinator before purchasing. This is especially true of expensive items. Don't hesitate to ask for a recommendation of where to purchase an item.

10) Once you have your Musical Theater Kids Costume together, the Costume Coordinator will want to check it out to make sure that you don't need to make changes or alterations to anything.

If you would are in need of information about sewing a costume, creating one from thrift store finds, or just looking for some cool accessories, click on the link for my Costume Shop below.

Remember to have fun and to allow your new Musical Theater Costume to help you get into character and keep you in character.


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