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Hey! all of you talented kids out there. Are you looking for Volunteer Opportunities to use your talent and gifts for a good cause? Would you like to do some charity volunteer work, or get involved with community service for a not-for-profit organization?

Well, this is what this page is all about. Volunteering is a wonderful way to display your talents, practice your craft, or even just to be part of some great Performing Arts Events.

At the same time, you will be rewarded by the good feeling of helping others who may be less fortunate than you, or by helping a Performing Arts Venue continue to exist, or even by helping a Startup Dance Company, New Music Company or Community Theater. Why not volunteer to entertain sick children in the hospital or the elderly in a nursing home?br

Do you belong to a Singing Group, Dance Troupe, Local Band or Youth Orchestra? Perhaps you could all volunteer as a group?

There are countless ways you can help. Charity volunteer work and community service are great as by helping others, you also help yourself. So get out there and do your part!

I Need Your Help Finding Great Opportunities

I need help in learning about the various Volunteer Opportunities that are available for Kids in The Performing Arts. I'm going to start the ball rolling by listing the first one today but I really need each one of you to help keep things going.

Below the listings you will find a submission form where you can tell me about the Volunteer Opportunities in your area. Please fill out the form and please know that I will not be using any of your e-mail addresses for anything other than contacting you about this information and then only if necessary.

Note: You must be over the age of 13 to submit the information, otherwise you must get a parent/guardian to submit. Anyone submitting will be credited with the submission (first name and country only).

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Volunteer Opportunity Listings

You can also search on your own to see what's available in your part of the world just click on the link here.

Event Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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Please Note:Any listings on this page are for Informational Purposes Only. Arrangements to participate in an event are strictly between the Volunteer Organization and the Volunteers. This Website is in no way connected with any of these organizations. Contact must be made with the organizer of volunteers for each event prior to participation, to clarify the specific requirements needed for volunteers, age restrictions, or any other limitations.

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