Fake Kissing No Sweat

Fake Kiss by Actors

Fake kissing for musical theater actors is almost a job requirement. If you do enough theater you will at one time or another be required to display your talent for faking a kiss. So, how does one prepare and get through a romantic scene in which they must kiss a fellow actor. The key is in remembering that you are indeed an actor and that you are playing the part of a character in a play.

Young actors many times have a problem with a false kiss and they commonly ask how to get through a scene without dying of embarrassment or gaging. Musical theater kids often remark that this is difficult because they don't have any feelings for the person they must kiss. This is fine, in fact it's perfect. However, the character you are portraying does have feelings for the character that another actor is portraying. This is a relationship between the characters and not the actors. As long as you remember to think of it this way, you shouldn't have any trouble getting through the fake kissing scenes of a show.

Before you panic, you also need to establish what type of kiss is being called for in the scene and by the director. Are you even required to make contact with another actor? Is it a "I'm falling love kiss", a kiss on the cheek as in "hello", a quick "good bye" kiss, a kiss on the forehead "good night", or a long drawn out kiss to "the love of your life"?

Once you understand what is being asked of you, work with the other actor and the director. Sometimes the director can position actors in such a way that one of the actors has their back to the audience. In this case, you and the other actor may be able to fake a kiss without even touching your lips together. If the scene is not able to be done this way,ask the director for a suggestion. There is a technique, that most directors know, which involves placing a thumb on another actors face but it has to be done correctly for it to appear real. It is best demonstrated by an experienced actor before being used.

Don't do anything that makes you very uncomfortable. You should not be asked to do anything that is not appropriate for your age and certainly, you should not hesitate to speak up if you are not OK with what you are expected to do. Remember, that many actors have felt unsure about their fake kissing and everyone gets nervous at sometime on stage. Your age and experience may be a reflection of what you are feeling and this is normal. Work through the scene as best you can and get on to the next scene. It will get easier as you rehearse the show.

Keep in mind, also, that if you practice good routine hygiene you will be less self conscious when you act out fake kissing. This includes using deodorant, and keeping your breath fresh. Your fake kissing partner is sure to appreciate your professional conduct and it will help make things go right on cue. With practice and as you become a seasoned actor, you will approach these scenes as just part of a day's work.

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