Grease The Musical

Grease the musical, named for the "greasers" of the 1950's, made it's Broadway debut in 1972. It records the romance of two high school kids and addresses many of the social issues that teenagers face such as, gang violence and teenage pregnancy. Known for it's doo-wop, and rock and roll score, Grease the musical, has been the choice of many high schools for their annual school theater presentation.

Grease has found popularity on both the New York and London stage and has been revived by both several times. Last year, 2007, Grease was revived on both West End and Broadway. The Broadway revival was preceded by a reality television show on NBC, "Grease - You're The One that I Want", in which show finalists competed for the lead parts of Danny and Sandy. The winners, chosen by the public, Max Crumm (Danny) and Laura Osnes (Sandy) are the current stars of the show on Broadway. This revival of Grease The Musical is directed and choreographed by Kathleen Marshall and is playing at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Grease has won several Drama Desk Awards, two Theatre Desk Awards and has been nominated for eleven Tony Awards.

Main Characters In Grease The Musical

  • Sandy Dombrowski (soprano) - the new, innocent girl in school
  • Danny Zuko (tenor or baritone) - popular high school boy, leader of the Burger Palace Boys
  • Betty Rizzo(mezzo-soprano) - leader of The Pink Ladies, sarcastic
  • Frenchy (soprano) - dropped out of high school to go to beauty school
  • Marty (mezzo-soprano) - member of The Pink Ladies, very attractive
  • Teen Angel (tenor or baritone) - guardian angel who tries to save Frenchy
  • Doody (tenor) - member of the Burger Palace Boys
  • Kenickie (baritone) - rudest member of the Burger Palace Boys
  • Jan ( mezzo-soprano) - boisterous member of The Pink Ladies
  • Roger (tenor) - fun loving member of the Burger Palace Boys
  • Cha-Cha (mezzo-soprano) - makes a big splash at the school dance
  • Johnny Casino (baritone) - rock star student
  • Patti Simcox - preppy cheerleader

Grease Musical Numbers By Act

Act I

  • Prologue - Instrumental
  • Grease - the Company
  • Alma Mater - Miss Lynch, Patti Simcox, Eugene Florczyk and the Company
  • Alma Mater Parody - Kids, Pink Ladies, Burger Palace Boys
  • Summer Nights - Danny, Sandy, Burger Palace Boys, Pink Ladies, Eugene,Patty
  • Those Magic Changes - Doody, Burger Palace Boys
  • Freddy, My Love - Marty, Pink Ladies
  • Greased Lightening - Kenickie, Burger Palace Boys
  • Fight Song - Sandy and Patty
  • Mooning -Roger and Jan
  • Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee Rizzo
  • We Go Together - Pink Ladies and Burger Palace Boys

  • Act II
  • Shakin' At The High School Hop - the Company
  • It's Raining On Prom Night - Sandy, Jan and the Radio Singer
  • Shakin' At The High School Hop (Reprise) - Kids
  • Born To Hand Jive - Vince Fontaine and The Company
  • Beauty School Dropout - Teen Angel and Angels
  • Alone At A Drive In Movie - Danny, Sandy and the Company
  • Rock N' Roll Party Queen - Doody and Roger
  • There Are Worse Things I Could Do - Rizzo
  • Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise) - Sandy
  • All Choked Up - Danny, Sandy, Pink Ladies and Burger Palace Boys
  • We Go Together (Reprise) - Entire Company

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