Makeup For Nutcracker Dancers And Dance Recitals

makeup technique for dancers

Are you going to be performing in a version of The Nutcracker Ballet or in a dance recital or competition in the near future? Awesome! we have some information on makeup for nutcracker dancers that you may be able to use.

All of the many enchanting characters of The Nutcracker Ballet will benefit from this technique. Whether you are performing as Clara, one of the Stahlbaum children, a mechanical doll, a party guest, family or friends, a feature enhancing makeup application will bring out the best in you by increasing your confidence. A confident performer always gives a better performance.

Please watch the video below as it will demonstrate the technique used to makeup the nutcracker dancers. All of the makeup used in the video can be purchased at Jam Cosmetics(which is a line of specific performance makeup for dancers) or you can use the techniques they illustrate by using any good quality stage makeup line. Just be sure that you use a good water-resistent and highly pigmented makeup that will last through a long day, or evening, of dancing. Those of you who compete, know how important this can be. This type of makeup will give the pop that you need under those bright lights.

Any ballet performer can apply these same techniques and methods to their own personal needs. This makeup will work well for any theatrical production. Anyone can learn this makeup technique so if you don't want to work on this yourself, recruit a volunteer. Enjoy the lesson!

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