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Engaging in a Performing Arts College Visit...I admit, can be a bit overwhelming to think about. The trick is to break things down into parts and then put the whole picture into perspective.

I'm proposing to you a plan...sort of...because each teen who is is making a Performing Arts College Visit has different all have your own hopes and dreams. Your mission is to really define what you want from your college education.

And no, starting early to think about things, doesn't shorten or lessen your high school experience. What it does... is give you the freedom to make better choices and perhaps enjoy your last year of high school more, as you will be confident that you have made the right choices and are heading in a specific direction. You'll also allow yourself the luxury of really preparing for those school auditions(you'll know all about the requirements). So, don't hesitate, jump in there and find out what you need to know to answer all of your questions about Performing Arts Universities and Colleges.

Start by gathering information from the various Performing Arts Colleges and Performing Arts Universities that you think might interest you...even if you are vaguely interested, send for their material.

Make A Plan of Action

Now let's get down to the business of Performing Arts College Visits. Once you have all your research gathered in front of you and you have become reasonably familiar with the material, you can begin to formulate a visiting strategy. Decide on where and when to visit.

Here are some of the things you want to do to help you put your Performing Arts College Visit Plan into action.

1) Rank your Performing Arts Colleges in order of preference. Here you will have to use your head and your gut feelings about what you have heard and read.

2) Rank your Performing Arts Colleges by your perceived probability of whether or not you will gain admission. You might want to consult your Guidance Counselor on this. You can use the following three categories.

  • Safety School - you should have no problem getting into the school with your credentials as they exceed what is asked for this school.
  • Good Match - you most likely will get into the school with your credentials as they match those who have been accepted in the recent past.
  • Reach School - you may be accepted to the school, however, your credentials may not quite be up to the standard of those who have been recently accepted. If you can afford the application fee there is no harm in trying.

Just remember nothing is written in stone. You may get into schools you thought you would not and you may not get into schools you thought you would. Be prepared for the uncertainty of college admissions from the beginning. It is very much a numbers game and do not forget that a college is indeed a business.

3)Consider how you can visit more than one college on a single trip.

  • Cross reference the two lists above and think about which schools will be your most likely candidates to visit.
  • Think about classifying these candidates into categories e.g. state, city or general geographical area.

4)Don't plan on visiting more than three per day. Even three, will be hectic. Visiting two schools, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, is optimal.

Tour and Explore

College Coed

Schedule a visit with a Performing Arts College Admissions Office... either by calling or if available, on the Internet.

Keep in mind that the fall is the busiest time of year for these visits. Many high school seniors visit at this time before applying.

Those students starting earlier in their high school years, freshmen, sophomores and juniors may wish to visit when the college is in full session so they can get a real feel of what the campus is like. If you are one of those starting early and would like to attend a class, many schools will also arrange this.

Just try to plan ahead, and don't be surprised if you have to be a little bit flexible about when you visit. Try to have more than one date in mind. Of course, if need be and you can't get a guided tour, you can do a visit totally on your own.

Once you book your college tour, you should allot time at the college to do a few other things. This will give you a better idea of what the school is really like.

  • Explore on your own.
  • Talk to as many students as possible. Try asking them all the same question and see if you get similar answers.
  • Find and talk to students who are currently in the program you are considering.
  • Arrange to meet a professor in the program you are considering and/or in your department of interest, e.g. theater, drama, dance, music.
  • Arrange for a tour of the department facilities, e.g. theaters, black box, rehearsal, production shop, costume shop, classrooms.
  • Last but not least, arrange for an interview and/or audition with the admissions office, if possible. If you live far from the school you are visiting, this may be a good opportunity to audition.

Record to Remember

Handheld Camera

Performing Arts College Visits, the same as any college visits, need to be remembered sometimes months after they occur.

This is especially true if you start early in high school and spread them out over a period of time. It is really beneficial to you, as a prospective student, to keep a personal record of your visit. Here are a few suggestions of how this can be done.

  • Take pictures of the campus, dorms, cafeteria, library, theaters, black box, etc.
  • Bring a video camera and record some of the visit to be viewed at a later date.

  • Take notes, especially during information sessions. Record the answers to important questions.
  • Carry a small journal and write a sentence or two on your impression of the college and your visit. This will help tremendously when it comes to making a final decision about which school to attend.

Tips on Saving Some Money on Performing Arts College Visit Travel

Here are a few things you might want to consider when traveling to a Performing Arts College Visit.

  • Check out the numerous websites designed to lower the cost of travel for students. Search the Internet for the best deals.
  • If you are interested in train travel, check out this Amtrak Deal which gives you a free ticket for your parent or guardian to accompany you when you travel to your Performing Arts College visit.

Just remember this is your time so gather your information and go for it!

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