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The Majestic Theatre on Broadway was the host theatre to the opening of The Music Man on December 19, 1957. After playing at The Majestic for almost three magnificent years, The Music Man moved to The Broadway Theatre. The Tony Award winning play for Best Musical has book, music and lyrics by Meredith Wilson. It is based on an original story by Meredith Wilson and Franklin Lacey. The first production on Broadway was directed by Morton DaCosta.

The original cast on Broadway included; Robert Preston, Barbara Cook, Pert Kelton, Iggie Wolfington, and David Burns. A cast recording was released on Capitol Records in 1958.

The musical has had two Broadway revivals. The first revival was directed by Michael Kidd in 1980 and starred Dick Van Dyke and Meg Bussert. The second revival was directed by Susan Stroman and opened in 2000 starring, Craig Bierko and Rebecca Luker.

Main Characters

  • Professor Harold Hill - baritone
  • Marian Paroo - soprano
  • Winthrop Paroo - alto
  • Mrs. Paroo - mezzo-soprano
  • Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn - alto
  • Marcellus Washburn - tenor
  • Amaryllis - alto
  • Mayor George Shinn
  • The Barbershop Quartet
  • Pickalittle Ladies
  • Tommy Djilas
  • Zaneeta Shinn
  • Gracie Shinn
  • Charlie Cowell
  • Constable Lockes
  • Traveling Salesman #5

Musical Numbers by Act

Act I

  • Rock Island - Salesmen, Harold, Charlie
  • Iowa Stubborn - Farmer and His Wife, River City Townspeople
  • Trouble - Harold, River City Townspeople
  • Piano Lesson - Marian, Mrs. Paroo, Amaryllis
  • Goodnight, My Someone - Marian
  • Seventy-six Trombones - Harold, Boys & Girls of River City
  • Sincere - Barbershop Quartet
  • The Sadder-But-Wiser Girl - Harold, Marcellus
  • Pick A Little, Talk A Little - Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn, The Pickalittle Ladies
  • Goodnight Ladies - The Barbershop Quartet
  • Marian The Librarian - Harold
  • The Wells Fargo Wagon - Winthrop, River City Townspeople

Act II

  • It's You - Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn, Pickalittle Ladies and The Barbershop Quartet
  • Shipoopi
  • - Marcellus Washburn, Harold, Marian, Tommy Djilas, Zaneeta Shinn and The River City Boys & Girls
  • Pick A Little, Talk A Little (Reprise) - Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn, Pickalittle Ladies
  • Lida Rose - The Barbershop Quartet
  • Will I Ever Tell You? - Marian
  • Gary Indiana - Winthrop, Marian, Mrs. Paroo
  • Lida Rose - The Barbershop Quartet
  • Till There Was You - Seventy-six Trombones / Goodnight My Someone (Reprise) - Marian, Harold
  • Till There Was You (Reprise) - Harold
  • Finale - Company

Barbershop Quartet A Form of - A Capella
Broadway Audition Songs

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