Things to Remember for Your Kids Acting Audition

Follow these Kids Acting Audition Do's and Don'ts to increase your chance of getting a callback at your next Musical Theater Audition.

Do's for Kid's Acting Auditions

Do -

  • Find out as much as possible about the audition requirements before the audition.
  • Greet the panel warmly when you enter the audition room.
  • If you see that the panel is busy, go to the accompanist right away.
  • Smile, be yourself, relax and have a good time.
  • Give the accompanist your neatly organized and properly marked music.
  • When instructing the accompanist about your music selections, sing a few bars softly so they can get the tempo.
  • Introduce yourself and the songs you will be singing in a clear, confident, voice and look directly at the auditors when doing this.
  • Know the names of the composers who wrote your selections and what shows the pieces are from.
  • Take time to focus between pieces but be mindful of the time and keep the auditioning moving along.
  • Chose Kids Acting Audition monologues from age appropriate pieces.
  • Dress appropriately in something of your own.
  • Introduce your monologue pieces and their author. Let the auditors know in what order you will be performing them.
  • Read the entire play from which a monologue is chosen. This will improve your performance and prepare you should the auditors choose to ask you about the play.
  • Stay within your allotted Kids Acting Audition time limits. This includes both song and monologue.
  • Thank the auditors at the end of the audition and wait to see if they have any more instructions for you before leaving the room.

Don'ts for Kids Acting Auditions

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Don't -

  • Snap your fingers, bang or clap your hands at the accompanist to give them the tempo. Sing softly, a few bars, and they will pick up the tempo.
  • Arrive without music and have to sing a capella.
  • Choose a song that is not similar in style to the songs of a show for which you are auditioning.
  • Look at the auditors to tell you when to begin. After your introduction, just compose yourself and start.
  • Ask to start over if you make a mistake or apologize. Just try to pick up right away and continue as if it didn't happen.
  • Rush your song or your monologue. You want every lyric and word to be understood.
  • Dress in a costume for the audition unless specifically asked to do so.
  • Speak in a very soft voice that is difficult to hear. You want to be heard.
  • Choose songs and monologues that are common and have been used over and over again. You don't want to bore the auditors.
  • Leave the audition with a bad feeling about yourself. Always learn something from each audition experience.

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