Acting School Choice - for Teens and Kids

Whether you are looking for an acting school to attend for just the summer or are looking for a longer course of study, there are some things that you need to consider in your selection.

First, think about your goals when studying acting. What do you plan to do once you have become an actor? Do you want to go into musical theater, which I assume you must have an interest in - as you are reading this Website, or would you prefer to try film or tv or even straight drama? Any of these acting careers are fine and it's OK to switch around but when choosing an acting school it's best to start off with a particular goal and expand from there.

If you considering studying acting in college, you will have additional considerations which are outlined in the performing arts college search and the performing arts college visit sections of this Website.

Second, you need to consider how much acting experience and training you personally have. Have you taken many acting classes? If you have, what have you studied? Have you studied singing, dance, film acting, tv acting, acting for commercials or voiceovers? How many shows have you been in and at what level? These things will all make a difference when it comes to deciding where and with whom to study. Some cater to novices, some to experienced actors and at some acting schools you may find classes for both. Always talk to the school coordinator about what type of students are targeted by their school. You need to find a place that is going to suit you.

Third, is there are particular method of acting that you feel you need to study or that you like more than others? Would you like to explore a bunch of different techniques? Another good thing to decide before choosing an acting program. Ask before joining up. Get to know about the different choices that are available to you.

Fourth, consider the cost of the acting program and the length of time you wish to study. If you plan on working while studying, you need to choose a school that accommodates your work schedule. If you are going to college to study acting, how expensive is the school and if you need it, are there financial aid and scholarships available?

Fifth, take a look at the overall caliber of the school, the faculty, the facilities, the location, the number of people in each class, the admissions procedure(do they require an audition), whether of not there is an opportunity to get performance experience and people who have graduated from the program.

Last but not least, does the acting school teach you about the business of acting? Will you know how to market yourself when you finish attending the school? Do they have a showcase for those people who are graduating where they are given the opportunity to strut their stuff for agents and managers?

Keep in mind the six main points that were made above and you should be on your way to finding an acting school that is suitable for your style and taste.

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